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This Time We’ll Blame Phyllis

I pretty much knew I would not have Saturday Running Commentary today, because I am not running very much in this hideous winter weather. I had a number of other possibilities, and yet here I am, the time getting later and later, and my blog post still yet unpublished.

Just a side note: my typing is going slowly, because I have Band-aids on both my index fingers. I don’t know what it is, some winter skin or something, that my fingers are getting all dry and splitting. It is quite painful. Just thought I would complain about it.

I have been busy all weekend. I went to Melfe’s Shoes on Friday, so I would not have to on Saturday (I mean to write a full post about that). Saturday I walked Tabby to the post office in the frigid cold, went to the Thrift Store and the laundromat, and went adventuring with my friend Phyllis. There are several blog posts in there. So I guess we can consider this paragraph a Preview of Coming Attractions.

The problem was Phyllis and I stopped for just one glass of wine at the end of our adventuring. I could blame Phyllis. She does not mind being held up as a bad example. I believe she is rather proud of being a corruptive influence (my computer is underlining corruptive, but I’m pretty sure it is so a word). I don’t suppose it matters.

The point is: it is late on the day Saturday and if I don’t hit Publish, I will not have a blog post for today. So this is it. See you Sunday.

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  1. That sucks! Try Vaseline for winter skin, it’s ahh-mazing


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