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It’s Friday

I know I have been having a lot of lame posts lately. However, I think we all know how much I treasure my Lame Post Friday. It’s Friday. Let’s be lame.

I actually had a few ideas during the day about what I could write about for my blog post. I thought I might actually write something earlier than when I sat down at the computer to start typing. I studied my lines for the play instead. Oh, and worked on a letter to my sister. OK, I also worked on a cryptogram puzzle and a crossword. Maybe if I had more breaks on my job…

The break from frigid cold temperatures in the Mohawk Valley did not last very long. This morning when we woke up it was actually pleasant, relatively speaking that is. I put on short sleeves. For a while at work, short sleeves were OK. When I left work the wind chill was back. It was… let’s just say not pleasant.

I cooked something not too bad for supper. I cooked some rice in the rice cooker which was my favorite Christmas present. While it cooked, I chopped up a pork chop (we only had one because the package had an odd number). When it was almost done I added broccoli from the freezer and mushrooms from a can. When the rice was done, I put that in along with some spices.

Anyone who has been reading this blog will know that I have had… what kind of week? Stressful, busy, not a bad week, but not a good writing week. I think this Friday post has been no better. But it’s Friday. Let’s get on with the weekend.


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  1. Happy weekend to you!!! 🙂
    I’m going to grab this opportunity to say that you are a very nice person and that you deserve, *tightly hugs you* , this and much much more for all your kind words to me!! ❤


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