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Wine with Ray Romano

I’m at the bra off, sweatpants on, wine drinking, Facebook checking portion of the day. Unfortunately, I skipped the blog post writing portion of the day, so must deal with that. Hmmmmm… perhaps that line would be a good lead.

That is a comment I just made on Facebook, which I was checking before writing the blog post. Now that I look at it on the computer screen, I am not so sure. And, dammit, my husband is playing a DVR’d episode of Parenthood. What an addictive show! I’ve lost track of all these characters and I am still absorbed in the story. Why doesn’t this show get any Emmy love? And not for nothing, but who knew Ray Romano could act? He’s wonderful!

But I have not watched enough to make this a post about Parenthood. Luckily today is Non-Sequitur Thursday. I can write a paragraph about this, a paragraph about that, slap on a silly headline and I’m done. I apologize to any readers who were hoping for something a little more substantive, especially since I have already indulged in a Tired Tuesday and a Wuss-out Wednesday this week.

I mentioned that I am in a play. Longtime readers might be waiting for this blog to become All Busybody All The Time. It will, perhaps soon. In the meantime, I’ll probably have a few more ridiculous posts like this. I hope they are at least amusing.


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