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But It’s Not Wednesday Yet!

What is it about Tuesday? I never have my act together on a Tuesday! I never have, now that I come to think about it. Tuesdays have often been the Bad Day of the Week. I must ponder that sometime.

In fact, I did have my act together sufficiently to begin writing a blog post this morning before work began. I don’t think it was going too badly. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time now to finish it. Also, I mentioned somebody by name and I am not sure if that person is OK with that or if I should employ a pseudonym (or should I say “alias”? I think alias sounds more sinister. Would this person prefer that? Decisions!).

Adding to my stress is that I have rehearsal in about an hour. Am I ready? No! Part of the reason I did not finish my blog post is that I was studying my lines on my lunch break. I knew them better than I thought but not as well as I had thought I would by this time. Well, sometimes we do not live up to the standards which we set for ourselves.

My post-Christmas letdown finally kicked in this afternoon, at least for a short time. Then I had other things to think about. If it doesn’t come back, that is the mildest, shortest post-Christmas letdown I ever had. Score!

Looking at what I’ve just typed, I must say this reads more like a Wuss-out Wednesday than a Tired Tuesday. I suppose I shall be quite tired later, after rehearsal. Luckily, I will already have written my blog post.

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