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No Measure New Year

I had thought to make a profound, thoughtful post, all about the New Year, how it was an artificial milestone yet useful… Well, I don’t want to write the whole post about what I’m not writing about (although I have done that before). Or I was going to write a mere Pedestrian Post, since my dog Tabby and I took two walks today. Then I thought I owe a few local businesses and destinations shout-outs. Um, what did I say about NOT writing this post about what I’m not writing about?

Then I started mixing and fixing, getting ready for my exclusive celebration tonight. Just me, Steven and Tabby. One of these years I’ll have a big party with family and friends, or go somewhere fun and fabulous. Not tonight, Josephine (that is a reference to the movie Some Like It Hot, and in that movie it was a reference to a book by Jacqueline Susann). I have more stuff to do, so I shall write a fast cooking post and get back on with it.

The first thing I did, as usual, was crush up a bunch of garlic and set it to “breathe” for 15 minutes (which I will not explain yet again). I paused in this laudable endeavor to pour myself a glass of red wine, because I wanted to cook with wine. Yes, I’m pacing myself. I’m still sipping the same glass after almost an hour and I’ll switch to seltzer water till Steven gets home from work. In case you were concerned.

I put some frozen spinach into a colander and poured hot water over it. I mashed up two avocados and chopped half a small onion into very small pieces. I grated some mozzarella cheese. Do my ingredients sound intriguing thus far? Well, I was making two different things at once. Who says I can’t multitask? Oh yeah, me. No matter.

To the avocados I added some of the garlic, minced onion out of a bottle, onion powder, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, a tiny bit of Tabasco, and some cumin. I was making guacamole. I put the onion I had chopped into a baking dish, added the cheese, spinach and the rest of the garlic. Then I chopped a small jar of artichoke hearts and added that, along with the marinade. I’ll bake that to be spinach and artichoke heart dip.

As you can see, I did not feel inclined to consult any recipes. I rarely follow them completely anyways and I’m just in that mood. After I hit Publish on this, I’m going to put some chicken wings in the oven with butter, honey and mustard. Once again, I shall not consult the recipe. I intend to add amounts that look good and guess on a 350 degree oven. I’ll stir it every 15 minutes and check it with a meat thermometer to make sure it won’t kill me.

So that is my No Measure New Year. I hope you’re all enjoying your celebrations or refusal to celebrate, as the spirit moves you.


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