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Not a Saturday of Note

I had thought of running today, for a return of Saturday Running Commentary. First I walked with my dog Tabby to the post office, to mail some post cards. It was cold and there was much ice on the sidewalks. Of course I have run in the cold and will do so again. I have run on icy sidewalks, too. One runs carefully and takes detours into the road and snowy lawns when possible. But I didn’t do it today.

For one reason, I woke up with a headache. Well that’s no big deal. Coffee would probably help. I began to feel a bit ill-used, however, when my stomach started to feel nauseous after my perfectly innocent English muffin with peanut butter. I resolutely ignored these symptoms for our post office jaunt. I had my reward as the stomach felt better and the head felt not too bad.

As you may have noticed, this is gearing up to be another one of those posts about what I did (or didn’t do) today that I could have (or still might) write a post about. I like to do that kind of a post on a Saturday. Kind of an overview of my day. It’s not too much pressure to write, yet I am not whining about how I CAN’T write a post today (read that last bit in a squeaky, annoying tone).

I wanted to go to the Shopper’s Stroll in Herkimer, NY (where I live, in case you didn’t know). Last year I strolled down Main Street with Tabby while this was happening, but this year I thought I would leave her home. I wanted to go to the Herkimer County Historical Society and maybe stop at a couple of businesses. Perhaps Tabby and I could walk to Meyers Park a little later and see the horse drawn carriage rides and whatever else was going on down there.

I had a lovely visit to the historical society, which I would definitely like to write about a greater length (I MIGHT have purchased a couple of Christmas presents, but of course that would be a secret). I walked through Valley Exchange, because that is always a fun place look through. After that I realized I was feeling hungry and a bit headachey so went back home. I saw the horse drawn carriage as I went past Meyer’s Park, but alas, that was as close as I got today.

After Steven came home for his lunch and went back to work, I succumbed to that tradition dreaded by schoolchildren everywhere: being sick on vacation. I went to bed for a two hour nap. I’m feeling somewhat better now. And perhaps I’ll feel up to writing a better post tomorrow.


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