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And Now We’re Watching a Christmas Special

Well, here we go again on Non-Sequitur Thursday, I sit down late at my computer and try to come up with something not too contemptible to publish. In my defense, I was busy. Steven and I wanted to attend the monthly dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre. He worked till six. I got home just before four.

I made a dish to pass at the meeting (chips and dip, but it was homemade dip), walked my dog Tabby to Steven’s place of employment to get his car, drove it home, changed into nice clothes (Christmasy clothes), got together plates and silverware, put stuff in the car, drove back to meet Steven at six. Oh, and found time for a short game of That’s My Toy with Tabby. I know, other people have more to do and still manage to make credible blog posts. Bully for them. I’m talking about me.

In fact, I wrote a blog post while at work today. It was not easy, because we were having something of a Christmas celebration during our breaks. This involved eating a lot of fattening food. I had to tear myself away from pizza and wings, but I did it. I wrote about Christmas memories. It wasn’t very good. I shall not inflict it upon you.

Our meeting was fun. It was the Christmas meeting, which is always more of a party than a meeting. I’m down with that. I suppose it would be a good idea to write about that. For one thing, I could give an update on the play I’m in (I believe I’ve mentioned it once or twice). That will be a good thing for me to write about tomorrow.

However, as I said, today is Non-Sequitur Thursday. I just have to think of a title that doesn’t quite fit the post, and I’m done. Hope to see you on Friday.


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