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It Snowed On My Excuse

I knew this was going to be a Wuss-out Wednesday. I even had a title picked out: “In My Defense, I Have Rehearsal.” Well, we all know: things don’t always work out for Mohawk Valley Girl.

I wrote a little bit while at work today (yes, boss, before my shift started), but not a blog post. I worked on an article I wanted to submit to Mohawk Valley Living. Then I studied my lines for the play I’m in with Ilion Little Theatre. I’ve mentioned that play before. I’ll mention it again no doubt. I thought I would hurry home, type my article into the computer and email it off the magazine, then barely have time to type in a quick blog post before getting to rehearsal. I thought perhaps I would make my blog post after rehearsal. I would have more time but would also be more tired. Either way, wussing out was on the agenda and rehearsal was to blame.

As I drove home, I wondered about my evening. You see, after the weather not doing much all day, winter started to huff and puff just in time for me to drive through it. Snow fell, wind blew, 4-wheel drive was appropriate. Would I have rehearsal? Would the snow stop as abruptly as it seemed to have started? I had no time for these questions, because my desk-top computer is slow to get started and slow to continue. My brain isn’t so fast either. But one must work with what one has.

I got the article written to my satisfaction, or at least as well as I felt I could get it, and was waiting for the little circle to stop swirling on my email when the phone rang. Rehearsal was cancelled. I thought that was a good call. After all, an actor can break more than a leg spinning out on an icy road.

Now that I didn’t have to worry about rehearsal, I didn’t have to wuss out, did I? Well that would be nice, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, I used up what little brains I had writing that article. The best I can do is try again tomorrow. Goodness, is it going to be Non-Sequitur Thursday already? How the time flies.


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