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Unnecessary Angst

I have a problem with writing about my Mohawk Valley adventures. I can’t seem to write about them right after they happen. So say I don’t have any adventures during the week, so I write stupid posts, then I have a couple of good ones on Friday, then Friday evening I finally get in front of the computer… I go blank.

I say to my husband Steve, “I don’t know what to make my blog post about.” He says, “Write about tonight.” But I feel if I just write off the cuff, typing off the top of my head as it were, I’m going to leave out important stuff and not do justice to the adventures we had.

Well that’s fine, someone might say, just write about it tomorrow. Oh, now the pressure’s really on. I waited a day so I could make it good. What if it’s not good enough? Oh no!

I’ve probably talked about this angst before. Now I’m repeating myself. This gets worse and worse. I’m not only going to not write a good enough post about what we did tonight, I’m writing a stupid post about not being able to write a good post now!

Then again, it is Lame Post Friday. And some people are amused by my ridiculous posts. As always, I can only try again tomorrow.


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