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Cold, Dark But Not Horrible Run

As I was running this morning, I realized two things: Sunday Running Commentary is becoming my new feature and I was narrating in my head in the past tense.

Narrating in my head is nothing new; I’ve done it all my life. I always read a lot of books and figured my life was one of them. This morning I was narrating my blog post. I only started narrating in the first person since I’ve been writing this blog, but point of view is a whole other discussion. I realized that thinking in the past tense was not a bad idea, because it presupposed I was going to bring the run to an acceptable conclusion. You know, like when you’re reading a suspense novel and you know the narrator is going to live, because he or she is telling the story. If I was going to collapse into a snowbank and perish, who would be making the blog post?

Not that I expected to perish in a snowbank. I didn’t feel that I was rocking it, but it wasn’t horrible. It was, however, cold and dark. And I was running in the road. I almost never run in the road. Give myself every advantage, I say. Keep away from traffic. However, the sidewalks were ice covered. I don’t mind running in snow; the resistance burns calories. Ice is another story. I have a fear of falling. Good thing I’m not taller or I’d never stand up.

I went early so that I wouldn’t have a chance to talk myself out of it, which we all know I am pretty good at doing (what a useless collection of talents I have). The sun was not up, so I wore my reflective vest. Now I could run in the road with no fears. Also, 6:11 on a Sunday morning (yes, I noted the exact time I left), how much traffic could there be?

I turned down German Street, a notoriously busy street and went some way in blissful solitude. Left side facing traffic, of course. You’d be surprised the number of runners who do not follow this simple rule. One car. He didn’t slow down but he got over a little. I turned down a less busy street. Another car way in the distance. Was he headed this way? I turned down a side street just in case. No cars here.

Very few lights in windows to encourage me. I do feel encouraged to think I’m not the only idiot out of bed. Oh, I know, I may be the only idiot, but I’m not the only one out of bed. There was one. A hall or bathroom light left on all night? Hard to say. There was a Christmas star all lit up on a front porch. Nice. I do look forward to walking Tabby after dark and seeing all the holiday lights.

I turned down a long stretch and saw a pedestrian way in the distance. Someone walking their dog? I do love to stop running briefly to pet a dog. Down the middle of the street they went. Seemed a little foolhardy, even at this early hour. Well, if they were up to some nefarious purpose they would hardly be in such an obtrusive place, would they? Anyways, my friends from Coffee and Conversation with a Cop told me the bad element was generally in bed by 4 a.m. (my usual early morning running time).

The cold air was not helpful. Regular readers know my sinuses preclude my following the in-through-your-nose-out-through-your-mouth dictum. In fact my nose was running rather copiously. One of the nice features of my reflective vest is the zipper pocket, so I had a tissue. It’s the little things.

My body as a whole was not particularly enjoying the run, but I realized my legs were OK for the most part. I felt grateful for my legs. Perhaps I should have tried on some of the mini skirts I saw at the Thrift Store yesterday. My legs are actually pretty nice for a woman my age. I used to be quite an aficionado of mini skirts. Pondering the question kept me going for a few more blocks.

I ended up going 24 minutes. Still on the plateau but at least I’m not going downhill. Incidentally I ended up back on German Street near the end of my run for one block. I encountered two cars. I felt a little ill-used over that. No cars, no cars, no cars, then two cars in one damn block! What’s that all about? No matter, they didn’t hit me.

The best part of my walk was my cool-down walk with my schnoodle Tabby. I always love the cool-down walk. I almost always love to walk, especially with my dog, but a walk after a run is a beautiful thing. I hope I find time to run again soon.


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