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I Did Run!

Did anybody expect Saturday Running Commentary to continue for two weeks? Personally I had my doubts. In fact, I got up this morning at the lamentable hour of 3:30 with no immediate plans to run. After all, I had all day. This isn’t summer, when I have to get my run in before the heat of the day. I had some coffee with my husband, read Friday’s papers, played a little solitaire, ate a piece of peanut butter toast. Nice morning.

About 5:30 I decided to get in the shower. Steven had to work at 6:30, so he would still be here to put lotion on my back (a very convenient aspect of having a husband). As I went upstairs, I realized I was feeling down. Nothing horrible, but a little… depressed. What a dumb state of affairs for my day off. If I went running, I thought, I would feel better. I should go running.

I would go running! I confess, the thought of “should go running” occurred to me as a regret that I hadn’t, not an encouragement to. After all, I had eaten peanut butter toast. Had it digested enough? No matter! Where were some running clothes?

I found a semi-dirty pair of long johns and a long-sleeved t-shirt. The long johns were just these thin polyester jobs. I don’t think they’re really made to be warm; I think they are just another layer to put on. I usually wear them as a comfortable alternative to pantyhose. They work as leggings.

Before I got to the end of the driveway I turned around and ran back into the house for my hat, my black knitted toque. It was under 40 degrees, according to my thermostat. I only wished I had gloves, too. Off I went.

I ran to Valley Health, to run the hill it stands on. Regular readers may recall that that is my starter hill. It’s kind of steep, not too long. An effort, but doable. I did it.

I was glad I had worn my reflective vest, because it has a zipper pocket. I had a tissue in the pocket, and I needed it. It didn’t feel too cold once I got moving, but it was cold enough to make my nose run. Sorry if you find it disgusting of me to mention it.

A few lights were on in houses I ran by. A number of vehicles drove by. Not everybody sleeps in on a Saturday. Many porch lights were on. For people who never made it home last night? What racy things were they up to? I prefer to think about people up to racy things than getting into accidents or prosaically forgetting to turn the porch light off.

A scarecrow backlit by a porch light leaned at an eerie angle. I felt pleased to think of Halloween lasting a little longer, although I suppose the eeriness was unintentional. I felt happier and happier with myself that I was out there running. Yeah, I’m bad!

I finished the run and cool-down walk with Tabby before Steven had to leave for work, although he was not there for my shower (one makes these compromises). I had run the same length of time I had on Monday and last Saturday, 25 minutes. Taking Tuesday through Friday off was perhaps not the best thing to do. In my defense, I voted on Tuesday, I spent a lot of time Wednesday walking up and down my yard dismantling my container garden, and it rained on Thursday.

But what a lovely feeling to have run and made my blog post before 8 a.m. on a Saturday. Bring on the rest of the day!

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  1. Great start to the day! 🙂


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