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Early Morning Stroll

The return of Saturday Running Commentary seems ever more remote. Alas. Looking back, I see it has been just over a week since my last Pedestrian Post, so I will attempt to write a little about the jaunt I took this morning with my schnoodle Tabby.

Steven had to work at 6:30, so we were up at an unconscionably early hour (I like that work “unconscionably.” I even spelled it correctly on the first try). Still, early mornings are nice. I wrote a few postcards, one of my favorite Saturday morning activities. As Mohawk Valley Girl, I feel I ought to point out that they were not postcards of the Mohawk Valley. They were some my mother picked up for me on a recent road trip she and my father took. I can only find so many postcards around here.

Tabby and I set out shortly after Steven left. I was wearing a cape my sister gave me. I felt distinctive wearing a cape. It was cool enough to make the cape appropriate but not so cold I wished I was wearing a hat. That was good, because my hair was still a little wet from my shower. I did not want hat head for the rest of the day.

It was still dark out. I love to be out before sunup for a fun purpose. Between the Army and the National Guard, I have many times left the house at oh-dark-thirty to spend way too long a day doing dreadfully uncomfortable things (yes, it is OH-dark-thirty; I never once heard it called zero-dark-thirty, although I suppose that is technically the correct term). Of course I don’t regret my time in the service, but it did rather warp my view of early morning hours.

We heard a dog bark. I thought I could see the little dog that lives up the street from us. His owners don’t put him on a leash. Was he going down the sidewalk? I couldn’t see in the dark. Then I could see him go back up the driveway and I saw the back porch light go off, so that was OK.

I could see a few lights inside houses on. More than I usually see when I’m out running prior to 4 a.m. I thought about the middle of summer when the sun is in the sky by 6:30. I love seasons. They add such interest to my days. Fall is my favorite. You never know what you’re going to get. We had some 70 degree weather this week, but we may get snow flurries on Sunday. You can laugh or you can cry; I prefer to laugh.

As we went across Meyers Park, I heard the jingle of a dog collar. Was that Nicky? It was! Nicky is a cute little dog I often pet when I am out running. We went up to them and said hello. I petted Nicky and Nicky sniffed Tabby’s butt. We walked a block together while Nicky’s lady and I chatted. We parted company when Tabby and I had to cross the street to get to the post office.

After the post office, we did not walk as long as we usually do, because I felt a few raindrops. We made it home before it was full-out raining, but after we were home I could hear it pour down. It kept raining for some hours. I’m glad we walked while the walking was good.


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  1. Snow already? Wow. We have dropped to the high 70’s/low 80’s for next week. Time to break out the long johns.

    I did not realize you were in the service. Interesting. I get a kick out of the way you seem to pick up a following of doggies in your travels. Fall is my favorite, even here. Our leaves change but in a pale imitation of what you can see every day. I not miss snow though. When I left the east, I swore I’d never live in snow country again. Silly of me. I spent close to 10 years in TN and then AR where it snows without the proper equipment to deal with it and with drivers who are obviously suicidal. We used to joke that AR owned one snowplow – at the Little Rock Airport. Exaggeration but not by much.

    • There’s a breath of winter in the air today (Sunday), but I haven’t seen any snow yet. I love the seasons and don’t even mind winter. Shoveling snow isn’t my favorite, but one must put up with these things. At least I might get a blog post out of it.


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