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Yay! The Parade!

So there I was, no idea what to write a blog post about, and I was in a pretty poopy mood, because I wanted to go out somewhere and it didn’t happen. Maybe it was post-scene letdown, but let’s not talk about Macbeth and the witches AGAIN. Anyways, we suddenly heard loud drumming.

What was that? Nobody on this block has taken up drums, have they? Steven went to the door and looked. It was the parade! Every fall Herkimer High School does this little parade. We never know when it’s coming, but one night we’ll suddenly hear drums and there it is!

There was one year when I was already in bed. I was on overtime and turned in really early. I wrapped an afghan around myself and watched from the front door. The next year I thought I heard drums in the distance and threw on sweats. This year I was nicely sitting in our living room. I was barefoot but respectable enough to stand on the porch. I ran and got Tabby’s leash, just to be sure my little dog was safe.

The parade isn’t so long. The band, a few floats pulled by pick-up trucks, and a few pick-up trucks filled with football players and cheerleaders. But I love it.

Needless to say, I am no longer in a poopy mood (incidentally, it is poopy or poopie? My computer says both are wrong). And perhaps this was not the best blog post, but for Non-Sequitur Thursday, it’ll do.

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  1. Steve Quackenbush

    This is Mohawk Valley Girl’s husband, Steven (you can call me Steve). Every year I am surprised by this parade and every year I love watching it. I am so glad MVG decided to write about it tingit!

  2. Homecoming? Sounds like our teams do here and there is always a good turnout. High school football reigns supreme in this part of the country.

    • I haven’t been to a game since I was in high school myself, roughly a hundred years ago. I ought to go to one sometime

      • I should too, I suppose. Some of players – football and baseball – have gone on to the pros. I’m just a little old and lame for bleacher seats any more and even the great-granddaughters have graduated.

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