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Lame Walk on a Lovely Day

I did try to write a better blog post today. Perhaps I should offer some half-baked philosophy on why these things often do not work out (for those just tuning in: today is Lame Post Friday, when I usually serve up half-baked philosophy and random observations). Instead, I will attempt a Pedestrian Post, about a walk I just went on with my beloved schnoodle, Tabby.

Today, if the weather reports are correct (I know, big if), is the last of the lovely days. At work I kept peering out the window at the trees and telling my co-workers I was leaf peeping. When I got home it was still bright and sunny. I procrastinated starting the walk but knew I would take one, in case they are right and it pours rain all day tomorrow.

Tabby was so excited when I got my fat ass off the couch and started to put my sneakers on. I figure it doesn’t hurt to let her burn off a little excess energy with all the barking and jumping. I only wish she could transfer some of it to me (as parents of toddlers have said since time immemorial). At last we set out.

Tabby happily led me down the sidewalk. I let her pick which direction to go, although I planned to change her mind for her if she wanted to go the exact way we went yesterday. She did not, however, and we went down Bellinger Street. I saw two dachshund puppies up ahead on the opposite side of the street. So cute! Tabby completely ignored them, however.

Close to Meyers Park, Tabby did her business, which was good news for me. I could detour into the park and throw it in the trash. I had an extra bag in case of further business, although that rarely happens. Tabby either knows the drill or planned to go through the park anyways, because she pulled me across the street almost immediately.

After the park we continued on Park Avenue (say it with your pinky finger up in the air), then down Prospect Street. I admired some scarecrow picks in front of a porch. Tabby found some extremely interesting spots to sniff. I found some dried leaves to scuffle through, one of my favorite fall activities.

The trees were beautiful, as were the mountains in the distance. I would have liked to jump in the car and take a long drive into the country. However, I needed the exercise and Tabby would rather walk.

As we approached home, a truck with a poodle-looking dog in the front seat went by. The dog jumped and barked at us with a deliriously happy look on his face. I could picture him saying to his person, “Look at that hot chick! Dad, we HAVE to STOP!” Um, you know I’m referring to TABBY as the hot chick. I’m not bad for a middle-aged, overweight lady, but I doubt I would appeal to a poodle dog in that way.

I quite enjoyed our walk, although it did get me home too late to prepare the more elaborate dinner I had thought of. I know, my own fault for procrastinating the walk. What do you want from me on Lame Post Friday?

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  1. Those are the nights I settle for tuna sandwiches (or order in)

    • I’ve done that. This time I threw some leftover salt potatoes in a frying pan and scrambled up some eggs. It worked. I’ll get elaborate another night (um, not tonight).

      • I do a lot of those skillet meals – usually with potatoes, cheese, sometimes meat, and eggs. Sometimes bell pepper and mushrooms. I’ll either stir the eggs in with the rest of the skillet or put them on top (unbroken) with the cheese and cover them until they’re cooked. It’s like camping in the living room.

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