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Fence Post, Not Blog Post

Every Sunday is Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I don’t think there’s any getting away from that. In fact, today there would be every chance of my being too tired to get my wrist up to my forehead. But I am not the only tired one.

Earlier this week I wrote a post about a part of my fence being down. Today we had some great help from some awesome family members in fixing it. We tore apart the panel that had fallen. We pulled down another part that was about to fall and tore that apart. We pulled out nails and stacked broken fence pieces. We put up a new section of fence. We worked hard.

In fact, the whole thing deserves a better blog post than this. I intend to write one later in the week. For now I feel tired and grateful. Full disclosure: I am also extremely grateful that it is the Bra Off Sweats On Sit On The Couch Crocheting And Watching TV portion of the day.

Further disclosure: I was afraid this would happen. I thought to myself earlier, it would be a good idea to write a blog post early in the day BEFORE people come over to help with manual labor. Well, one does not always act on good ideas, does one?

No matter, I say. It is Sunday. I shall return to my crocheting and TV viewing, whilst I turn over in my head wonderful things I can do for the folks I am grateful to. And the better blog post I intend to write.

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  1. Wish you were on FB – I have a great cartoon about bras (nothing smutty I promise). I’ll see if I can get the link to work over here. I know I could identify as will probably most women.

  2. I couldn’t find it but it was about of us experience the relief of coming in from work or whatever, pulling our bra through a sleepe and flinging it across the room. The cartoon, of course if funnier.

    • There is nothing to compare to the relief of no bra! Regarding Facebook, I’ve thought about starting a page for Mohawk Valley Girl. Maybe I will.

      • It might be fun for you. If not, it’s easier enough to cancel. If you decide, send me a friend request. I use my real name. They have privacy settings. Mine is fairly open because of the carryover from the blog and I’m somewhat of an open book anyhow but it’s an invidual choice.

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