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Last Summer Walk?

Here’s a random observation for Lame Post Friday: “Lullaby and Good Night” does not seem to me an appropriate song for the ice cream truck (don’t know the real name of that song, sorry). But how was that for a lead sentence? I’m sitting in my living room, my little Acer in my lap, hoping to come up with something, and the silly ice cream truck is driving by.

I’m not up for any half-baked philosophy (the other component of Lame Post Friday), but I did take a nice walk with my schnoodle, Tabby, during which I made a few more observations which I will share. Summer seems to be making a farewell appearance in the Mohawk Valley. It is sunny and warm and supposed to be even better all weekend. I wore shorts, sunglasses (prescription), and my crazy old lady hat.

Tabby pulled me down East German Street for a couple of blocks. I thought it might be nice to go down Prospect, but she pulled me across the street to where the Pugnacious Pug was sitting in front of a house with his peeps. I call him the Pugnacious Pug because it seems he is always barking up a storm at something. Today he was barking at some people getting into a truck, then he turned around and barked at us. Tabby pretty much ignored him, finding several interesting places to sniff in the grass. At last I convinced her to go on.

We saw kids riding their bicycles and people sitting on front porches. We said hello to anybody who looked up. I noted some mums and other flowers still in bloom. My favorite sight was Halloween decorations. I saw one porch with a black and orange garland, small skeletons and one giant furry spider. Steven and I better get going on our decorations.

The walk was not long, but we enjoyed it. When we got home I took the laundry down off the clothesline. Astute readers may remember I wrote my Wednesday post while in the laundromat. Yes, those clothes having been hanging on my line for two days. Let’s hear it for no rain!

So I’ve walked my dog, taken down laundry, and typed in my blog post. Once I hit publish, I’m starting my weekend. Hope your Friday is fun.

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  1. It sounds to me as if the dog is walking you. Sounds like a lovely stroll.

    Your ice cream truck is playing Brahm’s Lullaby which I’m sure has a much more complicated formal name. It should be about the end of the season for them.

    Brahms – Op.49 No.4 Wiegenlied / Lullaby (original composition)

    Have a lovely weekend. The trees over on Oak Hill should be starting to turn and they rival anything in New England (If they haven’t been chopped down).

    • Sometimes we walk what I call The Tabby Way, when I let her decide at the corners which direction. I figure the walk is for her entertainment as well. Brahm’s Lullaby. Silly me, should have at least known that! It was a nice walk. The leaves are just starting to turn.

      • You would have known if you weren’t thinking about it. I was trying to think, of all things, of the star of the old Hawaii 5-0 t.v. show and finally had to look it up. Duh – I watched that show the entire time it was on the air.

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