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Foggy Wednesday

I apologize for having a Wuss-out Wednesday after my rather silly post on Monday. Um, and Sunday. Oh, I’m not going back and looking at how many lame posts I’ve had recently; the fact is today I haven’t written anything yet and I don’t have much to write about.

I drove through a lovely thick fog on my way to work today and thought I would write about that. We’ve had a lot of fog recently. I like fog. It is usually thicker in Ilion (where I work) than it is in Herkimer (where I live). This morning as I went out to my vehicle, I saw that the fog was pretty thick in Herkimer. I thought, “Awesome! It’ll be really thick in Ilion.”

Steven and I got lost in the fog on Higby Road once, but that is a big hill out in the country. I felt it was doubtful that I would get lost on my eight-minute commute to work. I drove at a careful speed (slower, but not too slow), looking around. The irony was not lost on me that I was enjoying looking at what I was not able to see. I took extra care as I went out German Street by the cemetery. I’ve often seen deer in that area. I would not care to hit a deer.

It was not too hard to see even once I got to Ilion. Walking from my vehicle to my place of employment, I continued to enjoy looking around, where I usually see buildings but this morning could only see streetlights.

Then I was at work, the sun came up, and the fog was over. I thought, “Huh. That wasn’t such a much.” So I didn’t write a blog post about it. And now I just did.

Sufficiently wussy, I trust.

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  1. I wondered where you live. I grew up in Ilion and worked in Herkimer right after high school (Woolworth’s making bows for Christmas wrap among other things. I still can’t remember Higby – must have had another name 60 years ago or my memory is as foggy as your weather.

    • My geography is foggy at best. Still, I’m pretty sure it was Higby Road I was on. Perhaps it was called something else once. I saw the Woolworth’s store, but I believe it was an auto parts store when I first moved here. It is, alas, empty now. Hard times in Herkimer, but as Mohawk Valley Girl, I try to stay upbeat. Thanks for commenting.

      • Nothing stays the same anywhere. You’re probably right about Higby – the map shows it as a main thoroughfare. It was probably renamed years ago.

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