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Moon Run (But Not Super)

So we just had the year’s last Super Moon. I didn’t think it was so super, but I never saw it till the following morning so I suppose I’m no judge. Furthermore, I saw it during an early morning run that I was in no mood for, so perhaps my assessment was colored.

Be that as it may, I left my house shortly after 3:30 this morning (Tuesday), assuring myself that if I only ran 20 minutes I would be satisfied. I took a right onto German Street instead of my usual left, hoping that doing something different would inspire me.

I was soon sorry I had picked that direction, because the moon was behind me. Wasn’t that supposed to be the cool thing about running this morning, I asked myself, so I could see the moon? I had had a vague idea of walking Monday evening after sundown with my dog and possibly my husband (the husband might be tired; the dog is always into it). That would have given us the Super Moon in all its glory. I think it was even supposed to be red. My vague idea did not come to fruition.

So I kept running, not looking at the moon, hoping my leg muscles would warm up soon. As always I looked for lights in houses. I passed one house where I did not see lights but I heard voices.

“I’m not giving him mouth to mouth,” was all I caught. It sounded like a hypothetical, not that somebody was stretched out on the floor in front of him. I thought the thing now was not to do mouth-to-mouth, or rescue breathing as they like to call it, just chest compressions. Maybe I could take a Red Cross course sometime so I will know these things.

I turned down Main Street, putting the moon to my right. I turned my head a few times to see it but thought I’d mainly better look where I was going. Tuesday is garbage day in Herkimer. I needed to keep an eye out for skunks. I hadn’t smelled anything so far. I didn’t see any cats either. Some fellows at work were saying cats and skunks get along. They’ll stand right next to each other eating out of the garbage.

“Wow, I can’t even sit down with my brother and sisters and have a meal without fighting,” I said. It isn’t true any more, but it used to be when we were kids.

My co-worker also said a skunk had chased him. That surprised me. I thought skunks were the kind of animal that if you left them alone they left you alone. I hoped I would not be called upon to outrun a skunk.

Partway down Main Street I started to smell skunk, but it was not a strong odor. The skunk may have sprayed a while ago or be a few streets over. I kept an eye out just in case. I was still a little surprised at the absence of cats. Maybe they were with the skunks, seeing as how they get along so well.

At last I turned onto Church Street, where I could see the moon. Then some trees got in my way so I couldn’t see the moon. Then I could see the moon but reminded myself not to stare at it. I did not want to trip on the sidewalk or a skunk. I went all the way up Church back to German, where I thought I would go up the hill by Valley Health. I crossed against the lights, because there were no cars coming.

That hill was no fun. I did not expect it to be fun, exactly, but I didn’t think I would mind it so much. Slow down, I told myself. Just shuffle up the hill. I was out of breath at the top. What was that all about? Maybe I haven’t been running a lot, but I’ve been running some. I felt quite ill-used by my body.

It was about this time that I realized I had forgotten my reflective vest. I guess it didn’t matter much since I was running almost exclusively on sidewalks. Then I noticed how it was warmer and more humid than I had expected. Not horrible, but I was just as glad I didn’t have that extra layer.

Soon I was back on German heading in the direction of home. My back was to the moon again, but I was running downhill. I counted my blessings. I was beyond my minimum of 20 minutes. I ran past my street and on for a total of 32 minutes. I never reached the “I can rock this” stage. Even my cool-down walk didn’t feel very good. Still, one must be philosophical about these things (half-baked philosophy for me). A bad run can still do a body good. At least I got to see the moon.

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