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Cool Cruise-In

I like pets and I like old cars. What could be better than a Cruise-In to benefit 4PetSake, the local pet food pantry. Actually, it was free to look at the cars. They were selling hot dogs to benefit 4PetSake. I like hot dogs, too.

The event took place in the parking lot in front of the Mohawk Antiques Mall on July 30. This was actually the rain date, as it had originally been scheduled for the 23rd but been rained out. The 30th was beautiful all day. Some clouds were gathering by five, when the event started, but nothing too threatening. We arrived shortly after five (I was typing in that day’s blog post) and parked behind the antiques mall.

After a quick glance at the cars we headed for the food. Four bucks for two hot dogs and two root beer floats. What a deal! Popcorn and chips were also available, as were t-shirts that said, “I’m into S&N: Spaying and Neutering.” I do want one of the t-shirts but did not want to leave myself short of cash. Perhaps Steven will surprise me with one. Maybe for my birthday.

I asked for the most burnt hot dog. It was delicious. We sat at one of the picnic tables to eat. That gave us a great view of the 1929 fire engine belonging to Mohawk Fire Department. It was cool.

A DJ was spinning tunes from the ’50s and ’60s. I had a hard time to keep from dancing. Oh well, maybe I did a step or two, a little hip swing as we walked around looking at the cars.

I particularly admired a Mustang convertible from the ’60s. I only know it was from the ’60s because it resembled one my dad restored, which was 1965. I confess I don’t know much about years and models. I just like to look. Other cars were showing up, including one with fins that pulled in just as we were leaving. I love the fins.

We left before the hot dog eating contest, because I do not care for eating contests. I think they’re disgusting to watch and it is no way to enjoy food. We did not go into the Antiques Mall, although we did admire a few items visible in the windows. We’ve walked through it before and no doubt will again. I’ll probably write a blog post about it.

For more information about 4PetSake or the Mohawk Antiques Mall, you can Like their Facebook pages or visit their websites: and

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