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Running Comments If Not Commentary

As I ran this morning, I thought about the Saturday Running Commentary I would write. And now, sitting at the keyboard, I can’t remember much of what I thought. Serves me right for not making the post right away.

Last weekend, I had a good run and a bad run. Then I didn’t run Monday or Tuesday but put in an unprecedented 31 minutes on the mini-tramp on Wednesday (I was watching a John Garfield movie on DVD at the time) (not a particularly cheesy entry, but I do not despair of writing something about it). I took Tabby for a good long walk on Friday. I honestly cannot remember a damn thing about Thursday.

This morning’s run was not as heinous as last Sundays, but I can’t say it was a good run, either. My legs protested. I ignored them and headed down German Street toward Valley Health, which boasts a not bad little hill. It is the hill I start on when I once again start building myself up for hills.

As I got to the bottom of the hill, one leg said, “Are you KIDDING me?” while the other one said, “Don’t DO it!” Well, I was not kidding and I did it. After that my legs were resigned and beyond suggesting once or twice that a long run was unnecessary did not protest for the rest of the run.

I ended up running for 26 minutes, the same length as last Sundays run, shorter than the mini-tramp work-out. I felt pretty good when I walked my cool-down with my schnoodle, Tabby. I felt even better when we went for a long walk later. During the run itself… well, let’s just say I did it.

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