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Thanks, Crusaders

Sunday Steven and I went to the annual Wine Tasting Event sponsored by Crusaders Winemakers of the Mohawk Valley. The event features hobby winemakers and area wineries. The wines are adjudicated by professionals, and attendees like Steven and me can vote for their favorites.

Regular readers may recall that on Sunday I wrote a rather silly post just before I left for the event. It ran from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Herkimer VFW. I had dropped Steven off at work and intended to pick him up at one and get right down there. It worked out fine; we found a good parking space and walked into the place.

I told the man who sold us our tickets that I had found my ticket stub from last year’s event in my purse just that morning (no, I don’t clean out my purse very often; don’t judge). They thanked us for coming, and I thanked them for putting on such a fun event. I look forward to it every year, marking it on my calendar as soon as they set the date.

I love chatting up the various winemakers and sampling their stuff. My only problem is I can’t just run to the liquor store and buy the ones I like, except of course for the actual wineries. Some of the makers will give you a bottle for a donation. If I had had a lot of cash with me, I may have left with several bottles, so perhaps it was just as well that I was low on cash.

However, I had sufficient funds to get in on the 50/50 and Basket Raffle. We did not get lucky on the 50/50, but Steven won three things in the Basket Raffle: a bag from Adirondack Bank with a blanket, an umbrella and a key chain; three bottles of wine donated by Babbington Enterprises; and a very generous $50 gift certificate from The Refinery. The Refinery is a Christian bookstore which recently opened in Herkimer. I have been wanting to check it out. Perhaps Steven will use his gift certificate to buy me something.

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