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A 3-Sentence Post with a Long Introduction

Well, here it is, Wrist to Forehead Sunday, and my wrist is NOT on my forehead. I am actually having a very pleasant day. I am getting a few things done. I am in a cheerful mood. Everything is delightful.

However, this does not mean I can write a decent blog post.

I’m over the “I don’t feel like it hurdle.” Yesterday I COMPLETELY did NOT feel like writing a blog post. I thought about writing a blog post about not writing a blog post (always good for a couple hundred words), then remembered where my notes were on a wine tasting I had recently attended. Damned if I didn’t write a perfectly acceptable (to my standards) post.

And today?

I thought of writing a post about all the stuff I did today instead of writing a post (went to the grocery store, wrote some postcards, walked the dog, cleaned the house) (OK, so I only cleaned PART of my house, don’t judge). Didn’t sound too exciting. At least, it sounded OK when I was narrating in my head as I did these things (a habit I have had since earliest childhood) (ooh, that’s a whole other blog topic). Now, not so much.

What does anybody want of me, anyways?

I actually said I was going to wait till just before bed time and write a three sentence post. Something along the lines of: I don’t WANT to write a post today! And I don’t have to. Happy Sunday, everybody. Ooh, looks like I just did. And I still have a bit of my pleasant Sunday to enjoy.

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