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One Nickel at a Time

It is Lame Post Friday. Actually it is not a real Friday for me, because I have to work tomorrow. But I must make a ridiculous post, because I didn’t write a thing all day and I want to get this posted quickly so I can relax myself before going to bed early. At least I will try to avoid the topic of Why I Can’t Write a Post.

I took a walk earlier with my beloved schnoodle, Tabby. As well as two poop bags (I like to carry a spare), I carried a grocery sack in case I found any deposit bottles or cans. Earlier this week, I mentioned to a co-worker that I was going to the laundromat. Regular readers may recall that our washer and drier perished in last summer’s flood (I think I mentioned it in a post; too lazy to go back and check).

“I wouldn’t go to the laundromat,” she declared. “I’d be saving my pennies and picking up bottles and cans from the side of the road!”

“These things take time,” I told her. As I walked, I reflected on how much time it would take, if I financed a washer and drier entirely with deposits. Or even if I wanted to buy a candy bar. I’m afraid my little dog would wear out long before I gathered enough bottles and cans. Not to mention my patience.

Ooh, look, I’m over 200 words. I say that’s good. Tomorrow I only work six hours, so I will have plenty of time to come up with something a little more blogworthy. But I hope you are all having a lovely Friday.

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