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Big Smiles and Full Stomachs

One thing Steven and I had been especially looking forward to on our weekend off together was going out to breakfast. We used to have breakfast out together all the time, but when our work schedules changed, it became a thing of the past. We set out Saturday morning with big smiles and empty stomachs.

We went to Liz’s Diner on Main Street in Mohawk, the previous home of the Mohawk Diner. Donna and Liz greeted us as we walked in the door. We remarked on how happy we were to be there.

Donna brought us coffee. We admired the chicken-themed decor as we perused the menu on the wall. They offered some tempting specials, but I just wanted scrambled eggs and toast. Steven got eggs over medium with bacon and toast. However, it was toast from Heidelberg bread. Yum! I got Italian while Steven had peasant.

As we ate, we were amused by the interactions of Liz, Donna and the regulars sitting at the counter. Two men with long beards were especially amusing. After they left, Donna told us she called them ZZ Top. I thought that was very appropriate. I like ZZ Top.

We liked our breakfast, too. It was a great start to our weekend. Liz’s is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., serving breakfast and lunch. I noticed the lunch menu on the wall. Some of the selections looked pretty tasty. I may have to go back, even if I can’t bring Steven.

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