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A Public Service Announcement

Has anybody else observed that this January seems to be taking longer than the allotted 31 days, or is that just me? Never mind, it’s almost February, and I have a marvelous idea.

At the end of January, I got a little annoyed at some people who said, with or without a superior sniff, “I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions,” or “My New Year’s Resolution is to not make any New Year’s Resolutions!” Well, now they are probably feeling quite vindicated as many people who made New Year’s Resolutions have fallen by the wayside or off their respective wagon or otherwise failed to make our lives perfect.

Full disclosure: My New Year’s Resolutions were really just continuations of things I had been working on all during the past year. I let a couple of them slide during the holidays. I am, in fact, making some progress in everything except running (and for that it’s been too damn cold).

So here is my brilliant idea: Let’s all make Ground Hog Day Resolutions!

Think about it: Ground Hog Day is a fairly useless holiday. We torment a poor animal who has even less weather predicting capability than your local meteorologist. It’s dumb! They don’t have sales, nobody gets a paid holiday for it, there aren’t even any parties. What, I ask you, is the point?

On the other hand, many of us have transitioned from our post-Christmas letdowns into our midwinter slumps. Cabin fever is setting in. We need something to perk us up.

Self-improvement? you ask, with a skeptical eyebrow raise. Hear me out. My idea is that we make fun resolutions. Cheery resolutions. Get Ourselves Out Of The Dumps Resolutions.

My resolutions are as follows (full disclosure: I’m deciding this as I type): Watch more cheesy movies to write blog posts about. Send more postcards. Go to more fun places to buy said postcards. Write blog posts about those places.

Don’t look at your shadow and run back into the hole! Try to think of a fun resolution, and let’s make Ground Hog Day something to celebrate!

This public service announcement is brought to you courtesy of Mohawk Valley Girl.

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