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Skunks, Snow and Sick of January

Full disclosure: This Non-Sequitur Thursday was written on Wednesday for future publication. I have a Mohawk Valley adventure planned for Thursday and may not have time to blog. Also, I just wrote a serious post for Wednesday publication. It wore me out, so this one will be short and dumb.

Don’t skunks hibernate during the winter? When I got out of my vehicle at work the other morning, I smelled skunk. Which is not the same thing as smelling a rat, if you know what I mean.

That happened two days ago, before the temperature dripped, freezing all smells and most nostrils. Many schools are closed or at least delayed. I am currently lamenting my failure to bring a sweatshirt to work. Oh well, I can hang for eight hours. It’s only a problem on break, after all.

And here’s another question: How come if it’s so dang cold, the snow looks like it’s melting? Seriously, I’m looking out the window at this courtyard and I keep seeing more green and less white. What’s that all about?

I will close with my epiphany for the day: I am tired of it being January, but is is going to be January till January is over. This is similar to one of my favorite sayings: sometimes you just have to feel that way till you don’t feel that way any more.

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