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Christmas Card Snow

For this week’s Non-Sequitur Thursday, I offer a post about a walk Tabby and I took yesterday, in which I mention last month’s holiday. I say that is non-sequitur enough.

I was a little nervous at the start of the expedition. It had warmed, rained, then cooled. I figured there was a good chance the sidewalks were icy. By the time we went the sun had set. I don’t like walking in the road at the best of times. In poor light, it seemed especially ineligible.

Still, dogs like to go for walks. I like my dog. We gave it a try.

It was snowing what I think of as Christmas card snow. Lots of gentle white flakes floated down. I kept looking up into the streetlights to watch it fall. That made me think of when I was a kid. I’d keep peeking out the front window to check out the rate of snowfall under a handily placed streetlight. I would get my hopes up for school closure, but it hardly ever happened in those days.

Most of the puddles on the sidewalk had not frozen yet, but I managed to avoid walking in too much wet. There were a couple of dicey spots. You know, mud can be slippery,too. And things were starting to freeze up again. However, I managed to stay upright, and we continued.

I was happy to see a few houses still had their Christmas lights on. It looked appropriate with the Christmas card snow falling. I especially liked a house with three small trees covered with different colored non-blinking lights. We can see those trees from our upstairs window. I enjoyed getting a closer view.

We only went around the block. Tabby didn’t seem to mind the short walk, and we were both happy to get home to Steven. Maybe he will walk with us one evening soon.

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