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Tabby Likes to Shop

I don’t usually plug chains. I don’t think they need any help from Mohawk Valley Girl, and in general they lack the local flavor I enjoy. However, one shops where one can.

Our local Aubuchon abruptly closed recently. I have written posts about them, because they are so helpful and nice there. I guess I should say “were.” Now where were we to go? We decided to try Tractor Supply Co., which recently opened in Herkimer, NY. We brought our dog, Tabby. They used to let dogs go into Aubuchon, so we had hopes it would be the same. Imagine our delight, when we approached the store, to see a sign saying pets on leashes were always welcome.

We found the dog food Steven had bought at Aubuchon fairly easily. Then we looked for a new trash can to put our recyclables in. I asked the cashier. She pointed. We walked right by them (as we subsequently found out). Then we got separated. I backtracked and found the trash cans. Now all I needed was Steve. I kept walking.

“I lose more husbands this way,” I said to a clerk.

“That happens a lot in here,” she said. I guess it could easily happen, losing one’s husband in a hardware store. That is, if one and one’s husband indulge in the traditional gender roles. In fact, I use the losing husband line in any store where I lose track of Steven. I find it amusing.

I tried yelling, “Marco!” but he didn’t call, “Polo!” Full disclosure: that’s not my joke; I heard it from my brother. I tried calling Tabby, figuring dogs have better hearing. Then I saw Steven had found a clerk who was bringing him to the trash cans. He even showed us which one was on sale, so, bonus.

I noticed Tractor Supply also has the kind of potting soil I like for my container garden, so I feel hooked up for spring. Everyone we spoke to was very nice. A very pleasant shopping experience. Tabby gives it an enthusiastic tail wag.

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