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So I sat at work (while working of course; it’s that sort of a job) pondering what all I had to get done in less than an hour and a half.

“I have to take my shower, figure out what to wear, walk my dog, make my blog post and walk down to the Belly Up Pub to meet my husband,” I said to my friend.

“You’ll get it all done.”

“Or I won’t.” Which is the sort of thing another co-worker might say to me. And in fact, I didn’t. Unless we’re going to count this nonsense as a blog post. And, you know, I might, in which case I did get it all done and more, because I figured out what to wear at least twice (figured it several times; actually got dressed twice).

I wrote a blog post while at work today, which I found pretty amusing. I will probably use it in the future, but it seemed to difficult to type it in and edit it today. I wrote a pretty good Pedestrian Post in my head as I walked Tabby just now. Again, too much trouble to get it out of my brain right now. And my gyrations of deciding what to wear could also make for some good blogging.

Tomorrow, however, I hope to write about our fun at Happy Hour at the Belly Up Pub. I’ll be heading there shortly.

Just a further note: another co-worker suggested I make my blog post later. Well, I plan to be moderate, but it is often a bad idea to drink and type. I’m just saying.

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