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Weather Wuss

In my defense, I blogged about Mohawk Valley adventures Monday and Tuesday this week. Can’t I have a Wuss-out Wednesday? Pretty please? Who am I kidding, this is my blog and I can only write what I can write.

In my further defense, I think my brain is frozen. True, it was warmer today than yesterday, with less windchill, but I think the weather is having a cumulative effect. Then, too, there is my age (middle).

Anybody who is inclined to say something snarky like, “You think YOU’VE got it cold!” or even, “It’s January, for heavens’ sake!” just hush your head (pronounced “hush yo’ haid”). In fact, I’ve been comparing notes on Facebook, and the Mohawk Valley has been colder than a lot of people who have been doing even more griping than me (that’s you, residents of southern states!). And YES I AM grateful we haven’t had another blizzard. Yet.

Here’s a bit of half-baked philosophy I may expand upon some Lame Post Friday: It could always be worse. Most of us still like to complain. And many will deny that it could or they do.

I actually don’t mind the cold all that much, except that it has been too cold to take my nice little dog for a walk. Dogs like to go for walks, you know. And I can usually get a blog post out of a stroll.

So, sorry folks, that’s all I got. I’m going to go drink some hot chocolate or tea and ponder what sorts of Mohawk Valley adventures are available to me at sub-zero temperatures. We’ll try for something more interesting tomorrow.

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