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New Year, New Shoes

Saturday I made my yearly visit to Melfe’s Shoes in Ilion, NY, for steel-toed work shoes.

The store is located at 64 Central Ave. I parked in Sorrento Pizzeria and Restaurant lot (hmmm, haven’t eaten there in a while; that would make a good blog post) (preview of coming attractions).

I felt fortunate to arrive at a time when the store was not too busy. However, I have also been there at busy times. The staff is very good at getting everybody taken care of.

A nice lady named Vicki took care of me. While she brought out 7 1/2 Wides and I walked around in them, we chatted about the weather and the great outdoors. She likes to go fishing. That’s a sport I think I tried once in junior high. Might be time to try it again (I won’t say “preview of coming attractions,” because it might be a while) (unless I try ice fishing. Hmm…).

I was very happy with the shoes I picked and with the service I recieved. I also got a pink Melfe’s t-shirt. I will probably wear it to work. Melfe’s carries other foot gear than work boots. I may return soon to check out some of their other ware (ah, yet another preview of coming attractions).

For more information on Melfe’s Shoes, call 315-894-4049.

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