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I warned you that you may have to listen to me kvetch about my symptoms. Yesterday I wussed out for Wednesday, hoping to do better today, Non-Sequitur Thursday. Well, the cold is becoming a full-blown head monstrosity (seriously, my head feels like it is turning into a monster)(cue unkind remarks about how I normally look pretty much like a monster anyways).

I confess, I came to my computer with the intention of making a three sentence post calling in sick (typing in sick?). And while I waited for WordPress to boot up, some half-baked philosophy popped into my head. I know that is usually reserved for Lame Post Friday, but I think I’ve gone Friday on a Thursday before and considered it non-sequiturish (I know that’s not a word, computer, you don’t have to underline it for me). Anyways, it’s all I gots right now.

Sometimes we only want the end result. For example, right now I do not feel like taking a shower. However, I want to feel warm, clean and cuddly in my sweats. That will not happen without the application of soap and water. For another example, I loathe getting out of bed in the morning. However, I like being up early. I have had runs that I have not enjoyed, but I have been happy that I ran.

Countless writers confess that they despise the act of writing, but they love to have written. Regular readers may recall me saying that this is not the case for me. I love to write. Right now, for example. Earlier I sat in my living room, ready to cry, but too dehydrated due to my cold (although I am drinking plenty of liquids). I wanted nothing but to lie perfectly still, perhaps having magically attained the warm, clean, cuddly feeling without the trauma of a hot shower. And I wanted my blog post To Be Written. However, now I am sitting at my keyboard, merrily typing away.

But I can’t keep it up indefinitely. I need to put my head down. Maybe drink a little herbal tea. And ponder what I can write on Lame Post Friday now that I’ve used up my half-baked philosophy for the week. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

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