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Yet Another Pedestrian Post

This morning I walked to the post office with Tabby to mail a few postcards. It is one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning. I like the fresh air and exercise, and I get that little frisson of satisfaction for accomplishing something.

It was cold this morning. Some places in the Mohawk Valley set records. I sensibly waited till after 10 a.m., when it should have warmed up a little. At least one would think it would have. I wore an actual winter coat, hat, gloves and a scarf. As I walked I wished I had found my mittens instead, but one can’t have everything.

I have taken Tabby for a few walks in the last few days (I believe I wrote about one on Thursday). When we went for yesterday’s walks, a little snow was falling while the sun shown on it. It looked like glitter falling from the sky. This morning was bright but precipitation free. I wondered if I should have worn my sunglasses but did not feel like returning for the house for them.

I was glad I had the scarf. The worst problem I’ve had on previous cold days has been my cold face. I have been known to walk along with a hand on either cheek, like that painting, I think it’s called “The Scream,” that a lot of people have as their screensaver. Only of course I’m not screaming. That would be silly.

After mailing my postcards we continued our walk to Main Street, down around Albany and back up Prospect. When we got to Church Street, Tabby pulled me towards our street. She is a smart pooch, because I was ready to get home, too.

You know, I hope no stalkers read this blog, because I bet they could figure out where I live by my descriptions of our walks. Well, who’d want to stalk me anyways? My adorable schnoodle Tabby, on the other hand… I’d better exercise caution.

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