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ILT is a Blessing

Last weekend Steven and I had the pleasure of attending one of the performances of Bless Me, Father, Ilion Little Theatre’s first production of their 2013-14 season.

I feel a little bad that we did not attend the first weekend, because if this post had run a week ago, local readers would have had a chance to see the show. Then again, there were full or almost full houses every night, so some folks may have been doomed to disappointment in any case.

It was a very entertaining production, with plenty of laughs and a few touching moments. The cast was a nice mixture of new faces and old favorites (um, not so very old). I love community theatre so much, I probably would have enjoyed a mediocre or even a bad performance, but this one was top notch.

I guess I don’t want to say too much about it, though, because anyone who did not get to see it might feel bad. Let me instead, give a general shout-out to Ilion Little Theatre (ILT), a real gem of the Mohawk Valley.

The theatre is located on Remington Avenue in Ilion, NY, just behind Remington Arms (it’s a factory, not a hotel, for any non-local readers). The building is called The Stables, because it used to be the stables of the Remington family. It’s a small theatre, seating less than 100. That makes the performances intimate, and every seat is a good one.

The season is four shows, so anyone who missed Bless Me, Father still has a chance to catch Wait Until Dark, Don’t Talk to the Actors, and Funny Money. For more information, check out their webpage at Or you can like their Facebook page.

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