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Yesterday, I dithered between the Sitrin Stars Run/Walk, the Superhero Sprint, or neither one. The Sprint won. Despite the name, it does not qualify for a Running Commentary. However, a few words about my gyrations getting ready may prove amusing, at least to me (in some cases, it is permissible to please yourself, because then you know at least one person will be happy).

The Superhero Sprint, for anyone just tuning in, is an event sponsored by Herkimer Now, a committee whose aim is to revitalize Herkimer, NY, starting with Main Street. The Superhero Sprint is a fun, family friendly event. Tabby and I enjoyed it very much last year. I had hoped to participate this year.

Last year, I was a super villainess, The Evil Woman CinCin. I made my costume: I bought some fabric paints and painted a giant C and the words “Evil Woman CinCin” on a pink t-shirt. Last year’s Sprint was on a sunny day in August. The black capes I have in my Halloween collection (well, doesn’t everybody?) were clearly ineligible for someone with my heat and sun sensitivity, so I pinned to the t-shirt a rectangle of sheer, spangly blue and silver material I bought for another Halloween costume many years ago. A pair of Steven’s shorts completed the outfit.

This year, I realized I had no idea where the t-shirt and cape were. My vacuum cleaner was wearing them, but naturally we have had occasion to vacuum since August (even in a house with mostly hardwood floors). Steven didn’t know where it was either, although naturally I accused him of hiding it (he usually hides my things right where I left them) (sneaky!).

Today is a cloudy, gloomy day. I thought a black cape might be OK, and I further thought I would be able to find a black cape in the attic. If anybody asked, I could always say my real outfit was at the cleaners. Um, I doubted anybody would ask, but one likes to be prepared.

Found the black cape. Also found a small red cape I thought might work for Tabby. Last year I couldn’t find that but put a large, velvet Christmas bow on her. That worked; why shouldn’t a superhero dog wear a velvet bow instead of a cape? This year I couldn’t find the bow (anybody see a pattern here?) (if so, you do not need to point it out to me, thank you).

I still wasn’t sure about this, but I like to support Herkimer Now. Then I thought of one last place to look for the Cincin shirt. Eureka! Success! Now I was in business. Since it is cooler this year, I put on my long johns with pink and blue flowers. A pair of light blue shorts would look nice with them. Then I came across a white handkerchief with pink trim. Since I am as usual a little sniffly, I thought this was a good accessory. My only regret was that I don’t know where my pink Converse high-tops are (what a surprise).

The little red cape didn’t work on Tabby, so I fixed her up with a light blue bandana, unrolled and tied around her neck, it looked like a cape. After stocking my fanny pack with poop bags, I looked up to see Tabby biting and pulling at the bandana, now twisted around in front of her, trying her doggy damnedest to get it off. So much for my future as a doggy costume designer. I tied on a little neckerchief the groomer have her some time ago. She was OK with that.

I was a little regretful about the fanny pack, which the shirt was not designed to accommodate. However, I had poop bags and a little Rubbermade container I thought I could pour water into later, if Tabby was thirsty. I was pretty sure they would have water at the Sprint, and I do not want a dehydrated doggy.

So there we were, Tabby the super if capeless schnoodle (yes, I did see The Incredibles and know the practical objections to capes; that’s a whole other blog post), ready to head out the door to the Superhero Sprint. Tune in tomorrow, when Cindy says, “Come on, Tabby! Don’t you want to run with the other super heroes?”

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