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An Attempt at a Pedestrian Post

Determined not to spend another post kvetching about my symptoms (well, not the WHOLE post), I came home and took Tabby for a walk. I thought I could check out the state of Halloween decorations in the neighborhood and make a full report.

For one thing, it was (and still is as I type this) a beautiful day. Warm, sunny, blue skies. This is why people love September! As I drove home from work, I saw at least three people out walking their dogs. It was obviously the day for it.

Unfortunately, I wanted nothing more than to lie down, stare at the ceiling and let the room spin (this is the kvetching part which I really cannot restrain myself from including). Over the counter remedies were not the miracle I was hoping for. I spent a good part of the day telling myself that Not As Crappy was at least an improvement. Still, dogs like to take walks, and I thought some gentle exercise in the fresh air and sunshine might help.

I got out the door as soon after coming home as possible, in case I came up with a clever and irrefutable reason not to go. I changed from my steel-toed work shoes into running shoes and grabbed a poop bag. I put on my prescription sunglasses and did not even bother carrying my clear ones. It was that sunny. Oh, and I found my crazy old lady hat. The wide brim was most welcome.

Tabby was so excited, she almost couldn’t be still while I put the leash on her. I hoped she didn’t think we were walking down to meet Steven. Once we started walking, she seemed more interested in sniffing every pole, tree and random patch of grass than in checking out the cars that went by (she doesn’t know from cars; she thinks Steven is in all of them). I let Tabby sniff almost as much as she wanted to. For one thing, that gave me a chance to stand still.

Down Bellinger Street and Church Street towards the Historic Four Corners. That comprised three blocks, by which time I realized that, standing while Tabby sniffed notwithstanding, I was not up to a long walk. I pulled her towards German Street, so we could just go around two blocks. She did not want to do that. When Tabby does not want to go, she stands perfectly still and looks at you. Then she pulls you in the direction she wants to go.

For a minute I let her pull me. Then I looked all the way down Main Street and thought that I just couldn’t do it. I turned us back toward German. She baulked. Finally I compromised by crossing the street. This she seemed most anxious to do, not even wanting to wait for passing traffic (we did, however). Then she still wanted to go south. I won the argument, and soon Tabby was walking along perfectly nicely as if this was the way she had wanted to go all along.

Well, will you look at this. I’m over 500 words and I have not even mentioned the Herkimer scenery. Unfortunately, there were very few Halloween decorations to be seen. No matter. It’s supposed to be even better weather this weekend and SURELY my sinus problems will have resolved themselves by then.

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