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Maybe Next Time with Peas

People share all kinds of good advice on Facebook lately. Decorating ideas, recipes, security concerns… and some health suggestions.

My cousin posted a rather silly looking picture of a girl sitting crouched over on the edge of her bathroom sink. To cure a headache, the caption said, sit with your hands and feet in warm/hot water and put a bag of frozen peas on the back of your neck. It went on to explain how this worked, but I don’t read all these things any more than I pay attention to all the plot points on cheesy horror movies.

My first thought, which I immediately posted as a comment, was that I could never do this as there are never frozen peas in my house. I hate cooked peas, always have. I like to eat raw peas straight out of the pod, I add for the sake of pea lovers who might be inclined to cut my acquaintance. My sister suggested I purchase one bag of frozen peas for just such a purpose. I thought this not a bad suggestion, as I would be disinclined to cook and eat any vegetable that had spent an appreciable amount of time on the back of my head.

Of course I did no such thing.

However, suffering from yet another headache this afternoon, I thought I would try the technique, as best as I could. I did not sit on the edge of my bathroom sink. For one thing, I’m far too lazy to clear it off for such a purpose. For another, I really do not need to know whether my fat ass will or will not crack marble (I’m hoping not, but why put it to the test?) (oh, I know, back on the South Beach Diet for me). I sat on the edge of my tub. A frozen gel pack substituted for the peas. Nobody took a picture for Facebook and other embarrassing purposes, so if anybody had their hopes up, sorry.

And I am sorry to report: it did not work for me. Maybe I had the wrong kind of headache.

On the brighter side, I thought it would make an acceptable blog post for a Non-Sequitur Thursday. Hmmm… I guess nothing particularly non-sequiturish about it, but it will have to do. I hope to see you (figuratively speaking, of course) on Lame Post Friday.


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  1. yourothermotherhere

    If wiggling your neck and shoulders doesn’t help (tension headache), try a really strong cup of coffee and if you can, a nap in a darkened room. Caffeine is in most pain relievers because it boosts their properties and napping lets your body relax.

    Orgasms are good too. They take the blood flow away from the head to uh, um, other areas. (smiles) And oh yeah, they cause the body to create endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevators and pain killers.

    • I think I could drink the coffee OR take a nap, or take the nap first. I’ve heard that the caffeine doesn’t kick in for like twenty minutes, but I am very suggestible and get an immediate boost when I drink it. Regarding your last suggestion, brilliant! I bet it totally helps! Oh, Ste-e-ven… (in a musical tone of voice)


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