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I Didn’t DARE

Last year I did a few posts on the DARE 5K in Herkimer, NY. This year, as regular readers may have noticed, I have not been running as much. I feel bad about that and this morning I felt REALLY bad. However, this is a positive blog, so I’ll write about what was good about this morning.

Part of the DARE 5K is the Youth Fun Run. That is only a block, but it is a long block. It goes right by my house. As it got closer to the time, Steven and I put our schnoodle Tabby (I feel I must say each time that she’s dog, since Tabby is kind of a cat name) on her leash and went out to stand on the sidewalk. We saw some other people doing the same thing.

We cheered for all the young runners as well as for some parents that ran with them. There were not as many runners as I seemed to remember from last year, but those that were there were having fun.

After they were past, Steven wondered if he was allowed to drive the car down the street, before the 5K runners started. I suggested that Tabby and I walk with him and I drive to pick him up after his shift. It was a lovely morning for a walk.

We paused halfway down the street to chat with some people who had driven in from Mohawk to watch the run. One lady confirmed my assessment that there were fewer runners.

After we left Steven at his place of employment, Tabby and I walked to the post office to put a couple of things in the mail. As we went up Main Street we could hear music playing from the area of the finish line, at the Historic Four Corners. We cut through the park by Basloe Library rather than walk up to where the crowd was gathered.

Up Prospect and down Church streets, we saw that the runners had not yet started. I stopped and chatted with a lady who was waiting to see her family run by. I mentioned that I have run it in the past and feel bad about missing this year. She said it was the same for her. We agreed to look for each other at the starting line next year.

Closer to my house, I said hello to a small family group waiting to cheer the runners. I mentioned that I had cheered the youth run, and a lady pointed to one of the runners. It was the littlest runner, now sitting in a stroller.

“I remember, you were running good,” I told her. “And I love the pink shorts.”

“Thank you,” she said.

I saw a neighbor lady with two dogs Tabby is friends with and went over to chat with her. We cheered for the runners as they went by.

“I’ll be with you next year!” I promised. Nobody seemed overly elated at the prospect, but then they were busy running.

I did not walk on to German Street to cheer them again as they approached the finish line (it might not have been a long wait if the front runners kept up their pace). I thought Tabby looked thirsty. I was definitely thirsty. Now to review my schedule and find time to run, so I can start training for next year’s DARE.

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