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The Beautiful Balloon Farm

Last Sunday, Steven and I were delighted to attend a Wine Tasting and Tour at the Balloon Farm Bed and Breakfast in Frankfort, NY.

The event was a fundraiser for the Herkimer County Historical Society. We had purchased our tickets at a program we attended there recently (perhaps you read my blog post about it).

The Balloon Farm is located at 128 Cemetery St. in Frankfort, across from the Herkimer County Fairgrounds. We arrived shortly after the event started at one. A number of cars were already there. A gentleman waved us to a space on the lawn. I was very excited to return to the Balloon Farm. We had attended a similar event there a few years ago, back in my pre-blog days. It is a beautiful setting.

Ilion Wine and Spirits provided the wine. Two Historical Society volunteers were pouring a nice selection. For once I did not take any tasting notes but just enjoyed the samples. We also enjoyed some munchies, including cheese, crackers and mini-muffins.

After greeting some friends and acquaintances, we wandered around the house. The downstairs rooms were all open, and we admired the decor as well as the handsome proportions and woodwork. Collections of dolls and of frogs were scattered throughout. Steven loves frogs. I also enjoyed looking at old family photographs that hung on walls or stood on tables. The lady that owns the house was on hand, telling us who people in pictures were and generally answering questions. I raved over her beautiful house and thanked her for opening it up for the fundraiser.

Most of the rooms upstairs were closed, because the SGT Licari honor guard was staying there. Local readers will know that SGT Licari was a World War II soldier whose remains have recently been returned to his family. I was disappointed not to see the rooms but felt that it was very appropriate that soldiers coming to honor a fallen patriot should be so handsomely housed.

Volunteers were available on both the second and third floor to answer any questions. I remarked to one that I knew what I was saving my mad money for next.

“To buy an old Victorian house?” he guessed.

Actually, I had meant to stay for a weekend at the Balloon Farm, but I liked his idea, too.

Back downstairs we sampled a little more wine and spent some time sitting on the porch. It was a beautiful day for porch-sitting. I especially liked the porch swing. Gotta get me one of those.

We greatly enjoyed our visit to the Balloon Farm Bed and Breakfast and are always happy to support the Herkimer County Historical Society. For more information on the Balloon Farm, visit their website at
. For more information on the historical society, you can visit or Like them on Facebook.

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  1. yourothermotherhere

    Sounded like a perfect Sunday to me, especially sitting on the porch!

    • We really enjoyed it. I always like to take advantage of places with a good porch!

      • yourothermotherhere

        My niece and I were talking about porches today when we drove through the section of town that has these big old houses with deep wraparound porches. I think it would be so great to have one with all kinds of furniture scattered about on it, tables and so on. You could laze out there, or do puttering things like potting plants, and have parties. There’s something about sitting on a porch and watching the world go by.

  2. I KNOW! We have a pretty ordinary porch and a fairly good deck out back (last year I wrote about my container garden there, but this year it kind of fizzled). I must work on getting some better outdoor furniture so I can do more sitting. I could probably get a blog post out of it.


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