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I Wilnot Apologize Again

This morning, I thought I would not write a Non-Sequitur Thursday post, I would write a real post. I wrote the following:

Steven and I left the Herkimer County Humane Society and headed for Ilion Farmer’s Market.

I can’t write. I’m too ill. That was a contradiction. How much time in this blog do I spend WRITING that I cannot write? And why is cannot one word but you don’t combine “not” with other words? Didnot would be a little awkward, because of the dn, but how about willnot? You could even drop one l, wilnot, a marvelous savings over time, especially when one considers the number of things one wilnot do (or at least says one wilnot then turns around and does it anyways; don’t you just hate that?)(donot you just hate that?).

I wrote a few more paragraphs about how crappy I felt, but really, the above is the only one worth reading. I admit to being amused by it myself.

So, yeah, still sick. I went to the doctor today at a thing called Convenient Care at Bassett Health in Herkimer. I suppose it would be appropriate to do a blog post on them, but the stuff they prescribed for my nausea hasn’t kicked in yet (hasnot?). Perhaps I could go on for a couple of more paragraphs about how hard it is to write when your nauseous, but I guess I’ve already touched on the irony of writing about not writing (for about the 8,347th time).

As a side note: I just completed two years of writing this blog. How cool is that?

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