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With Apologies

Yesterday I went to the Dirty Work at the Crossroads cast party feeling drained but happy. Well, that didn’t last.

I don’t believe I mentioned that my husband Steven got sick with a stomach bug last Monday. He thought it was something he ate, but I heard there was Something Going Around. I felt a little ill to my stomach that Monday and figured that was the worst that would happen to me. Ha!

Saturday night it hit two cast members. According to one of the sufferers, one had it coming out one end, one had it coming out the other. A crew member procured some ginger ale for them. The other crew member opened the dressing room door and let them sit outside in the cool air, which also helped. Another cast member had some stomach problems but concluded it was just nerves. My stomach fluttered a little, but I figured it was sympathy. I have a very suggestible body (although for a while now I’ve been suggesting to it that it lose ten pounds, to no avail).

So Sunday, there I was, sipping a little white wine, eating some chips and dip. Steven procured me a cup of coffee, since my body REALLY wanted to sleep. I would just like to insert here: I poured myself a small portion of wine which I did not finish. So any of you who just zeroed in on the wine and was saying, “Well, THERE’S your problem!” can just keep quiet.

And then it started to come over me. I asked Steven to take me home. We only live about ten minutes away from Ilion Little Theatre. I apologized profusely for being such a wimp. I’m convinced that if it had happened to me during one of the performances, I could have persevered. I also feel fortunate that this theory was not put to the test.

I spent the next thirty or so hours between my bed and the bathroom. Not to be disgusting, but it was coming out of both ends (luckily not at the same time). My head hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it. My back hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it. In short, I was a big huge baby but felt I had cause.

And yet, I must do a blog post every day. It is my rule for myself. I kept thinking I would just type in three sentences of an excuse and be done with it. Then I felt some slight relief in my symptoms. Dare I say I feel better? I don’t want to jinx it, because I’ve felt that way a couple of times already, only to be disappointed.

At any rate, I turned on the computer, got to and started typing. This is the result. I had not meant to be so lengthy about it, but, well, these things happen. I hope tomorrow to be feeling better enough that I can do a blog post I will actually edit.

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