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Fun at the Bazaar

I had a number of things I was “supposed” to get done on Saturday. Nevertheless, I took the time to check out the Mohawk Valley Spring Bazaar at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort, NY.

Frankfort is one of those handily located villages right near Herkimer, and the fairgrounds are right on the edge of Frankfort, so getting there was no problem. Parking was clearly labeled and plentiful. Parking and admission to the event were free.

I could hear music playing as I got out of my vehicle and made my way to the main building. Some people just inside the door offered me a free ticket to put in for a door prize. I wrote my name and number on it and dropped it into the can next to a box of flavored olive oil. I love olive oil. I proceeded to the vendor tables.

What a lot of tables there were! Not so overwhelming you couldn’t get to them all, but I could have spent a lot longer than I did.

I admired some beautiful jewelry at several tables, had a nice chat with the maple syrup lady, and discovered Evil Sisters clothing (cue speculation on whether I have evil sisters or am one). I also found the flavored oils and purchased some roasted garlic olive oil. Yum! I picked up a lot of business cards, so I intend to check out a few websites and write at greater length about a few of these businesses. However, this is my Week of Lame, so I merely give a brief overview for now.

On my way out I talked to the people who had given me the door prize ticket. The event was organized by Team Janice for Relay for Life. I was so impressed for one team to do such an area-encompassing event. I congratulated them on it and thanked them. I feel it is a real service to the community to put on an event like this, especially with free admission. It not only gives people something different to do, it introduces them to local businesses of which they may not have been aware.

I certainly mean to patronize some of the businesses I talked to. It was also a good introduction to a Relay for Life team. I don’t know much about Relay for Life, but I am always noticing where this team or that team is having a fundraiser. I intend to check more of them out. An excellent resource for blog posts for Mohawk Valley Girl.

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