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Fun with a Friend

The reason I used to like Saturday Running Commentary is that I would get up, run, write the blog post, get on with my day. Oh, I usually showered between run and write (I knew some of you would be concerned about that). Well, I haven’t been running in a while now, and a singularly uneventful walk with Tabby this morning did not make up the deficiency. I postponed the writing of the blog and went off adventuring with my friend Phyllis. So this is both a Running Around Commentary and a shout out to Fun with a Friend.

We were on a mission to find things for Ilion Little Theatre’s next production, Dirty Work at the Crossroads (you may have read some posts I’ve written about it). First I had the difficult of trying to print out some Michael’s coupons from my computer, and of course, nothing to do with computers is easy for me. Then I had to search out the Hobby Lobby coupon I had clipped from last Sunday’s paper. Oh, there WAS a Micheal’s coupon in the paper. Well, now I had an extra. I put all the coupons into a notebook where I had a list of stuff I was looking for, which I put down while I found my jacket, picked up my purse, kissed Steven good-bye, etc. Then I had to stomp around the house trying to remember where I put down the notebook. Sometimes it’s just not easy being me.

I drove to Phyllis’ house to pick her up, a place I have been to several times. I really can’t tell you why I drove right by it and didn’t see it. I found a place to turn around and drove back, looking more carefully this time, to find Jim and Phyllis standing at the end of the driveway waving at me so I wouldn’t miss them again. Jim was still standing in the driveway, acting like Mookie Maguggins (his character in the play) while Phyllis and I drove away.

We drove around New Hartford, NY, in search of various things. Party City, Toys R Us, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s all helped us out, and my coupons which had caused so much trouble came in handy. We felt we were so successful, we deserved lunch out. Luckily we were right near Symeon’s, as it turns out, a favorite of both of ours.

That was the coolest thing about our morning: Phyllis and I get along so well. We like all the same stores. We got sick of shopping pretty much at the same time. We went to Symeon’s and ordered the same lunch, for heavens’ sake. Oh, one difference: Phyllis had a glass of wine while I had coffee, because I was driving.

I will probably do a post specifically on Symeon’s soon, because, yum. And I’ll talk some more about the stuff we bought for the play, especially as some of it will form part of a couple of projects I plan to undertake. For right now, though, I just want to say, I had a swell time with my friend. Thanks, Phyllis!

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