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On With the Wine!

Have I used that headline before? You know, I don’t think I have, and now that I look at it, it kinds of looks like the post is about how I spilled wine on myself. I did not. No matter.

When we last left our intrepid blogger (that’s me), I had obtained the correct location and time of the Crusader’s Wine Tasting Event in Herkimer, NY (I know I usually start that kind of sentence in the third person then switch, but I just wasn’t feeling it this morning). I was set for fun with friends.

Steven and I met the Mills (Jim, Phyllis and Kelly) in the VFW parking lot shortly after one. It is a very popular event; the parking lot was full. We had found a space on the street in the block before the building and grabbed it.

A group of ladies who looked about my age (middle) were on their way in and noticed a sign that said no one under 21 was permitted.

“I can’t go in,” one said.

“I’ll be 21 tomorrow,” another said.

“Just flirt with he guy at the door,” I suggested. “He’ll let you in.” It used to work in the ’80s. Um, not that I ever did such a thing.

When the Mills showed up, I found them a parking space in the lot across the street. I walked over, pointing to it. They were pleased with the “valet parking.”

Donation was $10. The paper had said the first ten people got a free wine glass. I suspect that was a typo, because we all got wine glasses and there were far more than ten people ahead of us. Naturally we got in on the 50/50 raffle. While Jim and Steven filled in our names and numbers, Phyllis, Kelly and I started sampling wine.

I love this event, because you find such a variety of wine makers, from professionals to professional-looking to gallon jugs with handwritten labels that look like something my Italian grandfather would have made (if he had made wine; Grandpa was more of a beer drinker) (but I know a fellow whose Italian grandfather makes great wine).

I had remembered to wear my lanyard with a wine glass holder, purchased at a previous Crusaders event from Bottom of the Barrel. This is a store in Oneida that sells wine making equipment and other fun accessories. I must make my way to Oneida sometime to visit their store for a blog post all their own.

Canal Side Inn from Little Falls was also represented. We sampled some delicious biscuits as well as pate on French bread. Another place for Mohawk Valley Girl to visit in the future.

I was especially pleased to see Domnhall Vineyards, Herkimer’s very own winery located on Shell’s Bush Road.

“When are you opening your tasting room?” I asked. “My sisters want to know!” The guy said he would be sure to advertise when he did. Phyllis told him how I had brought a bottle of his Baco Noir to her house and how much we had enjoyed it. We enjoyed a sample of that as well as his Vignole, which Phyllis liked even better.

The event also had a food table, which I sensibly visited several times. Steven bought tickets for the Chinese Auction (or are they called something different now?). I helped him pick a few things to try for.

Imagine my delight when I got a phone call shortly after we got home. I won the necklace and earrings from Weisser’s Jewelers! When we had put in the ticket for that one, I had shown the ladies at the table the anniversary ring Steven had purchased for me there. Weisser’s is located on North Main Street in Herkimer. I think that’s yet another subject for a future blog post.

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