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Musings on Lack of a Muse

It’s no use: I have to hide behind a Mid-Week Middle-Aged Musings. Unfortunately I have very little to muse about.

I had thought I could spend the week happily writing about my Finger Lakes wine tasting adventures. It turns out they are not as easy to write about as the tastings at Vintage Spirits and Ilion Wine & Spirits. I suppose I could spend the post musing on why this is so, yet I feel strangely disinclined to do so.

I like to say I have Writer’s Blank rather than Writer’s Block, although sometimes I have Write It Then Cross It Out Syndrome. Today, however, it really feel like Block. There are words in my head, and my pen simply refuses to write them.

I know there are people out there who have no patience with this sort of crisis. I don’t say writers, because a lot of these people have never written a word in their lives, yet they feel certain that they know exactly what my problem is. As for the people that have written a word in their lives and claim never to have a problem of this nature, well, every writer is different (oh, how tactful of me to refrain from saying they are full of beans) (oops).

I think writing is an obstacle course (I did not say “like an obstacle course” because I prefer metaphor to simile). Sometimes you have to bull your way through the obstacle by main force. Sometimes you can climb or even jump over it. Sometimes you must carefully take it apart one piece at a time. And sometimes the best thing to do is to go around it and find a different way.

How’s that for something new to say about Why I Can’t Write a Post Today?

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  1. I’m totally with you — folks who have written a word (or more) and say they don’t experience writer’s block (or blank) are chock full o’ beans. Or inhuman. I love your metaphor. If you’re ever open to how I attempt to scale the obstacle course, shoot me a Facebook message. (Not that I’m an expert; I just have some strategies that make it a little less stressful and a tad easier on myself, hence making it a bit easier on my readers. All 7 of them.)

    • Oh, you bet I’m interested and I’ll be shooting you that message soon. If nothing else, it is always fascinating to hear how other writers work. That’s why I tend to spend more time reading about writing than actually writing. At least I used to. I write a LOT more since I took up this blogging thing. In fact, that may be the subject of my Lame Friday Post. Thanks for the comment (and I bet you have more than 7 readers).


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