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Musings at the Beginning of a Stressful Week

So I was all happy to be on eight hour days (at least for a day), because it gives me time in the morning to get a blog post written. And then I sit staring at the blank page, wishing I had brought a book to read.

Oh, I KNOW some of you saw that coming (and don’t the rest of you just hate know-it-alls?). It is a well known fact of writing that sometimes when you thing everything is ideal to Write, nothing comes out.

Ooh, ooh, it looks like I’ve backed into a Monday Middle-aged Musing. The problem is I’ve mused this before. Can I possibly think of anything new and different to say about it? A fresh insight. An enhanced perspective (and I don’t even have my thesaurus with me). The answer is I’ll never know, because I don’t remember what I said about it before. I haven’t the means to check that here and now as I write this. I will not have time later.

Actually, I have another musing to (I hope) entertain you with: I would make an outstanding homeless person. The more of my stuff I am carting around with me, the more comfortable I am. I think I would be quite content pushing around a grocery cart filled with all my worldly possessions.

Of course, I would have to get rid of about 90% of those possessions in order to fit everything in a grocery cart. Maybe I could get a Mary Poppins grocery cart (you know that scene in the movie where she reaches her whole arm into her bag and pulls out a coat rack, among other things).

The reason I think of this is that I may be going wine tasting this weekend with my family (some of the female members, at least). I may be spending the night before at Mom and Dad’s house, which obviously requires some packing. However, even if it was only a day trip, I am quite incapable of just grabbing my purse and going.

I must bring my notebook. And a book to read. Perhaps a change of shoes (although in a pinch, I can do without that). I will be happier if I bring my awesome large thermos with coffee. And a travel mug to drink said coffee. I want my crochet. I probably won’t crochet while riding to the wineries (I am emphatically not the designated driver), but I’ll want it at Mom and Dad’s house the night before. And at Diane’s house afterward.

I guess you could say I’m high maintenance. I could do some more musing on high maintenance people, but I kind of need to keep my posts short this week. I have rehearsal and a board meeting and exercise and a plethora of things to do to prepare for Saturday. In fact, I’ve said too much already (some may think I’ve said too much by having a blog at all, but I tend to doubt they are my regular readers).

Stay tuned as my stress level increases, or decreases if I actually manage to cross things off my list of stuff to do (ooh, cross off “write and type in Monday’s blog post.” Yes!).

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