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Herkimer in the Sun

So there I was, with Saturday wearing on and no blog post in sight. I was not about to go running. For one thing, I had a bad headache earlier and the medicine I take, OTC though it may be, kind of drains me. For another thing, it was COLD out and I didn’t need the cold air bringing my headache back. “There’s some things I don’t mess with,” I told myself. “Like going out in the cold air when I have a headache!”

Then I realized I had a dog who had not been for a walk in a few days. She gets her exercise on those days by running around the back yard, which I’m sure she also enjoys. But dogs like to go for walks. Someone told me they benefit from the sensory stimulation of different smells, sights and sounds. How could I deny my beloved schnoodle, Tabby, any benefit that a little effort on my part could bring her?

As we walked, I realized I like the sensory stimulation, too. Maybe not the smells, which my sinuses prevent me from noticing much anyways, but definitely the sights. For one thing, it was a bright and sunny. I think it’s wonderful how sunshine can make almost anything look better. Old dirty snow, clods of earth where snowplows were a little too enthusiastic, muddy sidewalks. Nothing looks as bad in bright sunlight.

I suppose some people will argue with that. For one thing, some people will argue with anything. But I know there is also a big thing about older women (probably men, too, for that matter) looking better in candlelight. I guess I don’t know about that. I just know I enjoyed the sight of Herkimer in the sun today.

We walked down Bellinger Street and through Meyers Park. I was a little surprised Tabby did not turn down Church Street toward her favorite Historic Four Corners, but so it was. She led me across Prospect and onto Main Street. When she turned up toward German, I saw that the street was blocked off where some recent bad events had taken place.

“We can’t go this way,” I told Tabby. She did not seem to be paying me any attention, but after she stopped and sniffed a pole, she turned back toward State Street. Perhaps she noticed the yellow tape herself. She’s a smart pooch.

We walked to Albany Street and by Crazy Otto’s, Hummel’s Office Plus and Belly Up Pub. The lady in Hummel’s waved at us as we walked by. I waved back, but Tabby was busy sniffing other poles. I thought I should do something to support Main Street businesses in light of recent events. Perhaps a meal at Crazy Otto’s or a card at Hummel’s. A drink at Belly Up Pub or Pete’s Tavern? There is also a barber shop and cell phone place, but I don’t have any need for either of those. Do I need anything available at Collis Hardware? I’ll have to think about it. I’ve neglected to mention a few places, but those were the ones I actually noticed today. I’m only one blogger, after all.

During the course of our walk I found two pennies, not both at once. An encouraging sign from the angels? I’d like to think so. I was really glad we went for our walk. My legs felt better for the exercise, and the cold air did not exacerbate my headache. Tabby seemed happy about it, too. What’s not to like?

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