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Saturday Shopping

Steven’s and my Saturday Mohawk Valley adventures included an indoor garage sale at the Baptist Church in Ilion, NY. I figured it would be as good as a rummage sale.

The blurbs in the paper I had seen had only said Baptist Church without including the address. I felt sure we would be able to find it anyways, but I was still happy to see an address of Second Street in Saturday morning’s paper. Then as we drove to Ilion I could not remember if it was Second Street or Second Avenue (don’t get me started on street names!). Steven thought we would still be able to find it. He was driving.

“We’ll probably say, ‘Oh yeah, that church’ when we see it,” I said. We go to a lot of church sales.

It was easy to find. Getting into the parking lot was a little trickier, but we managed to get a space.

I noted by a flier on the door that Indoor Garage Sale meant that vendors paid the church to set up a table. Individuals as well as professional dealers were displaying their wares. It was fun to look around, but we did not find anything to buy. I admired a vintage Saltines tin one of the antique dealers had. Steven checked out some decorative plates, one by Normal Rockwell.

As we left the church, I noticed Cornerstone Consignment Shop not even a block away. I’ve been there a couple of times. Steven has not, although he does remember browsing their outdoor display during Ilion Village-wide Garage Sales a few years ago.

It is a very well-stocked shop with multiple rooms on two floors, all filled with stuff. Steven found a shot glass from Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. We have been to that zoo but not recently. Perhaps another trip there for a blog post is in our future. Or maybe one to the Utica Zoo. I like zoos.

While we were looking at things upstairs, I found a furry fedora, such as an old man who lived across the street from my family in Rome used to wear many years ago.

“Steven,” I said, “now that you are in your 50s, maybe you should have an old man hat.”

Another shopper promptly took me to task for so designating the hat. It turned out to be a friend we had not seen in a few years (how the time flies, especially when you are in or approaching your 50s). We had a nice chat during which he assured us it was a hat he would not scorn to wear himself.

The hat was too small for Steven or me, so anyone hoping for a picture (if and when I eventually learn to post photos) is doomed to disappointment.

So a sale and a store netted us one shot glass and the renewal of an old acquaintance. Not bad for a Saturday morning.

The Cornerstone Consignment Shop is located at 68 Morgan St., Ilion, NY. Phone number 315-894-0477.

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