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Christmas Ciabatta and Croissants

As has become usual, my contribution to the family Christmas dinner is Heidelberg Bread. Accordingly, I made my way to the Heidelberg Bakery, 3056 State Rt. 28, Herkimer, NY, this morning.

I got an early start, because I know they open at seven and I wanted to beat the crowds. I didn’t bother calling to see if they had special hours for Christmas Eve. I figured if they weren’t open, I could swing down Rt. 28 to Hannaford, who also sells Heidelberg bread. I was in luck, however; the open sign was lit.

One other early bird customer was leaving, so I had the undivided attention of the clerk.

“I wanted to get here early and beat the crowd,” I announced. “Do you have rolls?” I was so early, they didn’t even have everything out yet.

“What kind?”

“Something suitable for sausage and peppers.” Which, by the way, I have been craving ever since I heard they were to be served in addition to ham at Christmas dinner.

She suggested French baguette or Ciabatta rolls. I went for the Ciabatta. While she got them I found a loaf of sourdough bread for toast for Christmas morning.

“Did you want any pastries as well?” Did I!

I got two chocolate croissants, for Steven and me for today. Sorry to any family members who might happen to be reading this: I did not get any sweets for Christmas breakfast or dinner. I had my doubts of anything I might get lasting that long. It took great effort of Christmas goodwill and will power not to open the sourdough as soon as I got home.

I love Heidelberg bread, and I love going right to the source to get some. For more information, visit their website: or you can “Like” them on Facebook.

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