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Fun at the Bazaar

Sunday morning, Steven and I had an authentic Mohawk Valley adventure: we went to a Christmas Bazaar at the Church of Sts. Anthony and Joseph, South Main Street, Herkimer, NY.

The bazaar was in the church hall across the street from the church itself. We managed to find a good place to park, which was not easy since people were going to church about then. It was not very crowded at the bazaar, but I was sure as soon as church let out it would be.

We right away put in for a raffle of a wonderful looking plate of cookies as well as the 50/50. I left Steven writing his name on the 50/50 tickets (of course we did 10 for $5) while I looked at the other tables. In a very short time I returned to him and informed him I had solved his problem of what else to get his sisters for Christmas (I can write that with impunity here, because his sisters do not read my blog).

Before we shopped, though, we got some Pizza Fritta and coffee. Pizza Fritta, or fried dough, is one of the staple treats of the Mohawk Valley. It was one of my favorite things to get at the Festival at St. John’s Church in Rome when I was growing up, or at any of the many area firemen’s field days.

What I had seen for his sisters were some beautiful handmade ornaments. Two different kinds of reindeer made with clothespins, reindeer sewn from felt with cinnamon stick antlers, and two different snowmen, one made from a light bulb. I was a little leery of mailing a light bulb, but the lady at the table said, “Oh, just put it in bubble wrap. It’ll be fine.”

Another table had a Chinese Auction, which of course Steven and I love. We took our time making up our minds what to put our tickets on for that. I’d love to win the Waterfront Grille gift certificate, but the lady at the 50/50 table said she had put in at least five tickets for that.

It was exactly the kind of fun community thing I like to attend. And you may notice I got through my entire Sunday post with my wrist nowhere near my forehead.

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